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Assignments - English 9(Archived)
Verbs Practice Assessment
Due Date: 12/4/2014
Subject: English 9

Verbs Practice Assessment: Headline News Edition


Instructions: Write your heading and the title “Verbs Practice Assessment: Headline News Edition” on your paper. You must write the sentence and your answer (including the letter and the wording beside it). This practice assessment will be very similar to the actual verbs assessment. Do your best! You may only work alone on this assessment! Each correct answer is worth 5 points for a total of 50 points.


Section A – You must correctly identify if the underlined verb is a helping verb, linking verb, an action verb, or not a verb.


1.       Black Friday sales were down this year due to a change in the shopping habits of consumers.

a.       Helping verb                        b. Linking verb                    c. action verb                       d. not a verb


2.       A young boy was being hidden behind a wall for over four years until police rescued him.

a.       Helping verb                         b. Linking verb                    c. action verb                       d. not a verb


3.       A young boy was being hidden behind a wall for over four years until police rescued him.

a.     Helping verb                         b. Linking verb                    c. action verb                       d. not a verb


4.       A young boy was being hidden behind a wall for over four years until police rescued him.

a.     Helping verb                         b. Linking verb                    c. action verb                       d. not a verb


5.       Former Coach Blakeney of Troy University served the Trojans’ football team for 24 years prior to retiring.

a.     Helping verb                         b. Linking verb                    c. action verb                       d. not a verb


6.       David Beckham and his son weren’t hurt in a UK car crash.

a.     Helping verb                         b. Linking verb                    c. action verb                       d. not a verb


Section B – You must correctly determine if the underlined word is a transitive verb, intransitive verb, a direct object of a transitive verb, or neither.


7.       Ofc. Darren Wilson decided to resign from the Ferguson police department.

a.       Transitive verb        b. intransitive verb             c. direct object                  d. neither


8.       A dog took a bullet for his owner in a road rage shooting incident that took place in Atlanta.

a.     Transitive verb        b. intransitive verb             c. direct object                  d. neither


9.       A dog took a bullet for his owner in a road rage shooting incident that took place in Atlanta.

   a.      Transitive verb        b. intransitive verb               c. direct object                  d. neither


10.    Two women from Poland (one saved the other from the Holocaust decades earlier) were finally reunited.

a.     Transitive verb        b. intransitive verb               c. direct object                  d. neither


Bonus:   You must write the sentence and the correct letter along with the wording beside it for credit. Worth 5 points!


11. Amaya wasn’t simply grooming her dog to be in the dog show; she was giving it a spa treatment. That is one lucky pooch!


a.       Wasn’t simply grooming, be, was giving, is

b.       Grooming, be, was, giving, is

c.        Was grooming, was giving, is

d.       Was grooming, be, was giving, is one

Venn Diagram: The Lottery
Due Date: 9/23/2014
Subject: English 9

Please finish the Venn Diagram that we started in class this week.  It is due on Monday, September 22, 2014 - Tuesday, September 23.  You must add eight additional differences (in sentence format) to the story and movie sides, and 3 additional items (in sentence format) to the "same" listing.  This will prepare you for your comparison/contrast written response that will be due next week. Go forth and learn!

Click this link to read the story if needed >>>

Go to YouTube and search "The Lottery" to watch parts 1 and 2 of the movie if needed!



Letters to New York
Due Date: 9/17/2014
Subject: English 9

Title:  Letters to New York

Write two paragraphs (five sentences each) offering support for the victims of New York.  You may write to the city as a whole, a specific family, a person who you would identify with, or even to the mayor.  Be sure to be sympathetic.  (Remember: This is a letter.  You must have a date, a dear ___________, and a personal signature.)


Don't forget that you must have your MLA heading:


Ms. Phillips

Your period - English 9

16 September 2014

Copper Sun Vocabulary List
Due Date: 1/27/2014
Subject: English 9

Please follow the instructions as listed on the vocabulary list.  The turn-in date for this assignment is Monday, January 27th.  Please remember: You must bring in a pack of copy paper to receive copies of posted items on my site.  This is an attempt to conserve energy and combat paper costs. 

Copper Sun Vocabulary List

Worth: 100 points

Instructions: Using the vocabulary list below, find the word in the Copper Sun book on the given page. Once you have read the passage that contains the given vocabulary word, determine the appropriate definition by finding it in a dictionary. You may also use or After writing the appropriate definition, you must create your own sentence using the word correctly--not the sentence from the book!!!  The sentence that you create should not have anything to do with the novel.

For example, the following sentence from the novel contains the word “sullen”:

The girl had a sullen look on her face, and she seemed to be the only person not interested in what was going on at the slave sale.

You would write:

1a. sullen (adjective) – gloomily repressed

Sentence: The days of the Hurricane Katrina disaster were filled with sullen and displaced citizens.

Vocabulary Words

1.         Chided (pg. 4):

2.         Acrid (pg. 13)

3.         Surmised (pg. 24)

4.         Fetid (pg. 49)

5.         Expanse (pg. 32)

6.         Lament (pg. 44)

7.         Emaciated (pg. 59)

8.         Cowered (pg. 64)

9.         Indenture (pg. 87)

10.     Acquisition pg. 85)

11.     Insubordination (pg. 90)

12.     Assimilate (pg. 107)

13.     Indignant (pg. 107)

14.     Diminutive (pg. 120)

15.     Rapt (pg. 138)

16.     Sentry (pg. 141)

17.     Mar (pg. 145)

18.     Inconsolable (197)

19.     Pungent (223)

20.     Cajoled (237)

Copper Sun Part III Questions
Due Date: 1/16/2014
Subject: English 9

Your 3rd set of questions have been uploaded to the file manager.  You may need to zoom in to see the questions.  There are 9 links.  Make sure you click each file to see all of the questions that will cover chapters 23-42.  In an effort to conserve paper, only students who have brought the ream of paper as specified in my syllabus will receive a hard copy of the questions. 

How to zoom in: Press and hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while scrolling with your mouse.  You should see the page getting larger or smaller depending upon the direction you are scrolling.  I can show you how to do this in person if you need help.

Part II (parts two-four) Study Questions
Due Date: 12/16/2013
Subject: English 9

Part II (Chapters 14-22) Study Questions: Copper Sun

by Sharon Draper

Adapted from the Literature Study Guide and Student Workbook

Instructions/Information:  Please write the answers for each question.  Do not write the questions.  You may print this out if you'd like your own copy.  Otherwise, please bring in a ream of COPY paper (as listed on my syllabus) if you would like your own copy from me.  Happy Reading!!  This is worth 133 major graded points!

Section Two: Chapters 14-16

1.     From whose perspective is this part of the novel told?

2.     Why does Polly dislike Negroes?

3.     Who is Polly and why is she at the slave auction?

4.     Why does Polly have to work for Mr. Derby for fourteen years?

5.     Why does Polly think the captives should be grateful to be living in the colonies?

6.     Why does Percival Derby buy Amari?

7.     How had Polly’s father influenced her opinion of Negroes?

8.     What is unusual about Noah?

9.     Clay Derby treats Polly like he would a slave. Why do you think he does so when she is white rather than black?

10.                         What does Clay tell Polly when he learns she can read?

11.                         Physically describe Clay and Percival Darby.

12.                         Polly is proud of her physical appearance. How does she describe herself? How does she describe Amari? How does she compare her appearance to Amari’s? What does this say about Polly’s character?

13.                         What name does Clay give Amari? Why is this?

14.                         What is Polly’s opinion of Clay? Why does she feel sorry for Amari?

15.                         How does Mr. Derby describe the differences between black and white women?

16.                         What does Polly believe her indenture to the Derby’s can do for her? What happens to change Polly’s belief?

17.                         Describe the home Amari and Polly are to inhabit.

18.                         What does Polly learn about Amari’s ability to understand English? What is her strategy for teaching Amari English? What is her impression of Amari?

19.                         Who are Teenie and Tidbit?

20.                         Why does Polly call Teenie, “Miss Teenie” when they are introduced? Why does Teenie tell Polly to never call her “Miss Teenie” again?

21.                         What is Polly’s family history? How did she become an indentured servant?

22.                         Neither indentured servants nor slaves are paid for their hard work. Why does Teenie suggest there is a huge difference between them?

23.                         How old is Teenie? What is her job?

24.                         Why are the girls awakened by Tidbit?

Chapters 17-20

1.     How does Amari feel about Polly?

2.     What is Amari learning?

3.     Why do you think Teenie’s following statement about Africa is important? “Long as you remember, chile, it ain’t never gone.”

4.     Why does Amari not let on that she understands much of what is going on around her?

5.     Describe Clay’s feelings about his stepmother, especially since she is pregnant with his step-brother or step-sister.

6.     Amari asks Teenie for a hero that would kill someone. Who do you think she wants to kill?

7.     What does Teenie keep as a reminder of her mother, and how did she get it?

8.     Why does Teenie say Clay is evil?

9.     Who does Amari compare Tidbit to on the peach gathering trip, and why?

10.                         What does Amari remember about her homeland?

11.                         When Amari realizes that Polly is grieving the loss of her parents, she touches Polly’s hand. What does Polly do? Why is this significant? What has brought them together?

12.                         Who is Isabelle Derby, and what is she like?

13.                         Why is Amari fascinated with Mrs. Derby?

14.                         What do Amari and Mrs. Derby discuss early one morning?

15.                         Teenie says she feels sorry for Mrs. Derby. Why?

16.                         What does Amari overhear Lena tell Teenie about Noah?

17.                         Why is the singing of the slaves important?

Chapters 21-22

1.     What is Polly determined to do?

2.     What is the cash crop on the plantation? Why does Mr. Derby purchase slaves from Africa to work the plantation?

3.     Who is Cato? What are Cato’s predictions for Polly and Amari?

4.     What does Cato tell Tidbit when he asks if any of the slaves have ever gone back to Africa?

5.     What happens to the slave Hildy?

6.     What has happened to six of the slaves in the rice fields this season?

7.     What three things might keep Amari from the rice fields?

8.     Why is Polly concerned for Amari? Why do you think this is?

9.     What is Teenie’s idea to keep Amari away from the rice fields?

10.                         What does Polly realize about her feelings for Amari, Teenie, and Tidbit?

11.                         Why does Mr. Derby whip Amari? Describe the whip.

12.                         Who puts a stop to the cruel beating?

13.                         Who does Mr. Derby blame for the incident? Why?

14.                         What will be Amari’s fate now?

Part One Questions - Copper Sun
Due Date: 12/9/2013
Subject: English 9

Information pertaining to the Novel Folder Project study questions:  Students do not have to write the questions.  However, if a student wants to get a copy of the questions from me, he or she needs to bring in a ream/pack of copy paper as listed in the supply list on my syllabus.  The students who have turned in their ream of paper may get a copy from me at any time.  Otherwise, the student may access the questions here.  A proper heading with the title "Part _____ Questions - Copper Sun" is required. 

I-                           Part One Study Questions: Copper Sun

by Sharon Draper

Adapted from the Literature Study Guide and Student Workbook

Part One: Chapters 1-2

1.     Characterize Amari.

2.     Explain the relationship between Amari and Besa.

3.     Why do you think Draper chose to include the statement “we would never judge people by simply how they looked – that would be uncivilized” in the first chapter as the villagers are preparing to greet the strangers?

4.     Describe Amari’s initial impression of the unusual-looking men who arrived with the men from the Ashanti tribe. How do the villagers treat the strangers?

5.     What is ironic about the chief’s welcoming speech to the strangers?

6.     Why do you think the Ashanti and the strangers waited until the dancing portion of the celebration to attack the visitors?

7.     What happens to Amari’s family?

Part One: Chapters 3-5

1.     What is the significance of the description of the Ashanti as “brothers in spirit” of Amari’s people?

2.     Which members of the village survive the attack?

3.     Why does Besa look away when Amari tries to catch his eye?

4.     Why do you think the birds are quiet as the coffle leaves the area of the village?

5.     Amari tells Tirza that as long as the captives have life, they have hope. Is this true? Do you think this will hold true for Amari in the rest of the book?

6.     What does Amari believe caused Tirza’s death?

7.     Amari realizes that traveling in the coffle is “lighter and easier” without Tirza. What effect does this have on Amari and the group?

8.     Why do you think no one weeps for Tirza?

9.     When the captives arrive in the city, why do the people turn away from the coffle as if they are invisible?

10.                         Describe the woman who befriends Amari.

11.                         How does Afi help Amari?

12.                         What hardships does Afi tell Amari she will have to face?

13.                         Afi tells Amari there is no hope or escape from the present or for their past memories. Why?

14.                         Amari sees a boat on the sea which she thinks must be “a place of the dead.” What literary device is the author using? What do you think it means?

15.                         Amari sees Besa after he is branded. Contrast him in the village and on the beach.

Part One: Chapters 6-9

1.     Why does Amari tell Afi she is cruel? Why is Afi so blunt with Amari?

2.     What do the captives call the ship? Why?

3.     Describe the living conditions for the slaves on the ship.

4.     What is the song Afi begins to sing? Why do the other women sing along?

5.     The women are brought to the deck and forced to dance to the beat of the drums, which Amari believes is for exercise. What does she realize as the women continue to dance?

6.     Who is the red-headed sailor? What does he teach Amari and why is it important?

7.     What does Afi tell Amari she must do to survive?

Part One: Chapters 10-13

1.     Why does Amari stop smiling?

2.     For what is Amari grateful?

3.     What does Amari see when the women are taken below during the storm?

4.     During the storm, how many women and children perish?

5.     When Amari tells Afi that the ship is heading to Carolina, Afi tells Amari that this is where her destiny lies. Amari asks if Afi’s destiny lies with her’s. What is Afi’s response?

6.     Why does the balding white man board the ship?

7.     Describe Bill’s and Amari’s last time together.

8.     What does Tybee tell the new arrivals?

9.     Who goes to see Amari one night after the captives arrive at Sullivan’s Island? What do they talk about?

10.                         Describe Amari’s feelings while she is waiting to be sold.

To Kill a Mockingbird (chapters 1-11)
Due Date: 9/14/2013
Subject: English 9

We will begin discussing and analyzing To Kill a Mockingbird (TKaM) on Monday, September 16, 2013.  This was a summer reading selection.  Make sure you have read Chapters 1-11 for in-class discussion.  The test on Chapters 1-11 will be one day next week.  You may read the full text of the story here.  You may also listen to the audiobook of the story on YouTube!  Read and listen as you please!